Enjoy an adventurous and astounding evening with the Dubai Desert Safari.


Ride to the Desert

Excited about a heart-pounding desert adventure? Level up your fun in Dubai by setting out on an exciting desert safari through the desert’s golden sands. Get a comfortable transfer on an Air-conditioned 4WD vehicle, if the option is chosen.

Dune Bashing and Sandboarding

At the desert, experience the real adventure as you tackle the sloping sands of the desert by dune bashing if the Red Dune Safari is selected. Worry not! You’ll be completely safe while enjoying it, under our guidance. Just after you recover from the excitement of dune bashing, you’ll get a chance to conquer the steepest slopes like a warrior by sandboarding.

Al Khayma Heritage Camp & Bedouin Entertainment

The fun doesn’t end here. As the sun turns the countryside an amazing shade of crimson orange, Al Khayma Heritage Camp will be all set to welcome you. From there, reward yourself with feeding the camels and riding them to explore nature like a Bedouin local. Then comes your chance to be immersed in the Bedouin entertainment activities! Tick off your entertainment list as you indulge in the camp activities such as Live Arabic Coffee & tea station, Bedouin & Arabian entertainment with a fire show, Henna, Shisha Station, and more.

Traditional Dinner & Stargazing

A 3-course dinner with Emirati, Moroccan, & Arabian dishes catered by Al Khayma Restaurant is all that you need to feast your palate. The delicious dinner, catered by the Michelin BiB-rated restaurant, is sure to remind you of the good times in the camp later.

Once your heart and tummy are full, observe the millions of stars with an enchanting stargazing session with a high-power telescope to enlighten your evening before wrapping up the day.

The most exciting part of the experience is that you get to choose your tour options from these two: Premium Red Dune Safari & Al Khayma Camp Experience and Premium Red Dune Safari, Camp & 35 Min Quad Bike.


Day 1: Departure

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Day 2

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Day 3: Return

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